Fly BMI? #disability #spoonie

I’ve said before that it is difficult to arrange travel when you use a wheelchair. Here is an example of the difficulty when travel plans don’t work out the way we might hope- it took some searching but I found a customer service for to respond to BMI here

Expect updates on this story when I have an email response from BMI.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I booked a return flight to Glasgow from Leeds in June 2012, receiving confirmation on 4th February 2012 (total cost £131.10).

As an independent traveller that uses a wheelchair, it was important to me to ensure that the travel arrangements for me to present at a conference were made early and were reliable.

I received notification that the return flight had been cancelled on April 19th. I followed the instructions to call the advice line. I was reassured the BMI would offer me a full refund for the cancelled flight (£65.55)

I asked what action BMI intended to take to ensue I was not stranded in Glasgow, and I asked to speak to the supervisor, as I cannot easily change my travel plans due to my disability and was very anxious not to be stranded in Glasgow . The supervisor was otherwise engaged and made no attempt to arrange to call me back or assist me in any way, in response to my call.

As a wheelchair user who has pain and fatigue from long periods in the wheelchair, and who cannot independently get from Glasgow by other means e.g. train, I am shocked that your company thought that leaving a person who is a wheelchair user and travelling independently stranded in a city with no means of returning home is acceptable behaviour. I am also disappointed that there was no response from the supervisor to my request for contact.

I emailed you with my concerns on April 16th, and have received no reply. Again, this is very poor customer service and very disappointing.

I then received another notification that the outgoing flight had also been cancelled, on April 19th.

I called the advice line again, and they have arranged (I trust) a full refund. They also advised me to email using this form to outline my situation to you.

I am now having to book flights at much higher prices, which has taken me some time and a lot of stress.

In addition, I have felt distress due to the feeling of insecurity and worry about how to get to and from Glasgow. I have worried about getting to work.

I have increased pain and fatigue caused by worry. I have been sorely disappointed by the lack of response to previous emails and from the supervisor upon contacting the advice line to discuss my concerns.

These are all cumulative reasons I feel I should be entitled to further compensation from your company.

I would suggest that IN ADDITION to the full refund offered to me of the original flight costs (£131.10) your company should seek to compensate me a further £100 in recognition of the increased costs of travel, and a token towards my distress, aggravation of pain and fatigue associated with worry, and your appalling treatment of a disabled traveller.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Faithfully,


P.S. I will be blogging this email and any future responses.

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  1. if you don’t receive a prompt reply to your letter (like, within the next week), write the President of the company, specify a reasonable date (10 business days ) by which you’d like this all cleared up, and tell him/her you’ll go to the media after that date. They don’t want bad publicity in the media.

    Stupid airlines. Flying is become such a pain…


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