#blogsforbreakfast at the #LoveArtsLeeds Festival

I am a panellist on the #blogsforbreakfast event in Leeds on Thursday morning, where we will be discussing how we can use Social Media to promote wellness, and in promoting personal and professional identity on the web. Here’s some more information:

Our breakfast is for bloggers, techies and social media fans as well as people using and working in mental health services, to debate how digital media is affecting how we communicate about mental health and wellbeing both personally and professionally:

• Blogging about personal experiences

• Campaigning on Facebook

• Personal and professional identities  on Twitter

After being asked to be a panellist, I reflected on how I used Social Media during the past few years, particularly how it has helped me adjust to having a disability by using this Blog.

I have, as you know, been pretty isolated during the experiences that have led to my becoming a wheelchair user. My previous social networks have all but fallen away, as the effort involved in maintaining them through meetings and phone calls has become too much for me. This is a common experience of people who develop disability or mental health issues. Without being able to access my friends through Facebook, or talk with old friends and new on Twitter and through my Blog, I would have felt quite, quite alone. So, from my personal perspective, using Social Media technology has been critical for me in order to meet my need to feel part of a community, to maintain friendships and to develop new ones.

So, I just want to thank you. You have been incredibly important to me, in finding a way to a new identity and a new purpose in life, as the old roles and routines have fallen away. Without the support of people that have read my Blog, and talked to me on Twitter and Facebook, the only people I would speak to most days would be my family and the Home Care ladies.

So, I can use my personal experience of using this Blog to inform how I see the importance of Web 2.0 tools and Social Media in order to support wellness and positive mental health. I hope you would like to join me at Blogs for Breakfast and share your experiences, too.

There are still some tickets available here, through Eventbrite.

Other pannelists have blogged about this event:

I discussed the event on my Claireot blog

Emachi Enje (@WellnessHQ) has used blogging in his personal Recovery story







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