Finally- an Assessment from the Housing OT!

Knock Knock…

Who’s There?

The Housing OT…


(Sorry, dreadful joke…)

I was visited by the friendly housing OT and the housing and adaptations co-ordinator this morning. As is usual with all of the professionals I have encountered, they made all the right noises about how awful our situation is, how dreadful that we have put up with the access to the house for so long, and they gave their apologies on behalf of the housing for the failures in the service we have received over the past year.

But, that’s not so unusual. To be honest, you’d have to be some kind of hard hearted freak to not consider what we’ve been dealing with to be extraordinarily difficult, humiliating and unsuitable. In a way, I accept these apologies, but don’t consider them to actually MEAN anything. I don’t expect them to lead to action, since my experiences over the past year lead me to believe that they do not lead to any kind of action at all.

However, there are good apples in the barrel. Certainly, kudos to the Medical Priority Re-Housing  Assessor, who recommended I get this visit. Who would have predicted that it would be this hard to get this visit from the OT? I will be writing her a thank-you note, because she has succeeded where so many have failed. The hospital staff (where I was bed blocking due to the unsuitable housing) were unable to get the OT team out to visit. All my efforts as a member of the public calling through the City Council phone numbers failed. My efforts using numbers I had as an OT failed. My efforts to get either my children’s Social Workers, or my Social Worker, to organise this failed. Documenting this as the priority need in my last Care Planning Meeting with the entire Medical Team failed. Repeated meetings with Leeds City Council Housing Support Workers focussed around my priority housing need; all failed.

But, as they said this morning, “looking to move on from your poor experience, let’s focus on your need now”.

They immediately identified that the housing is unadaptable, due to the incredibly steep hill that I live on. They say that they will be working on getting us re-housed in a property suitable for my needs as soon as possible. Ironically, they correctly identified that since I have managed the stairs here in a back-to-back terrace for all this time, I may not need a stairlift in the new property (at least, not initially). And I can manage the transfers in and out of the bath/ shower, so no need for a wet floor shower. What I do need is a property that I can get in and out of to my Motability vehicle, such that I can takke the kids out to the doctor, or *gasp* go to work. And preferably a safe enclosed garden for the kids to play in, with a maximum of a few steps to the house, commutable distance to Big Girl’s school and #clairesbaby’s Childminder.

Great news, but please, excuse me for my cynicism. When your hopes have been raised and dashed so many times, it’s wise not to get too excited about anybody promising to help. I believe it’s a Biblical quote “by their fruits shall you know them” but it certainly should also be held to be true when dealing with the helping professions.

I’ll keep you updated about when and where the Great Move is planned, if and when it happens. The next step, will, of course, be how on Earth will I be actually able to handle the physical and emotional demands of moving house?

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  1. Woot and Yay that things are getting going. It’ll be worth the turmoil :c)

  2. Wendy

     /  May 25, 2011

    And about time too!
    I have to hold on to the slender hope that some form of positive action will follow – and soon. My fingers are crossed for you. xx

    • Thanks Wendy! I’ll let you know any news as it happens. I’m finding it feels like things are finally moving now, but we shall see….


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