Motability Scheme- Citroen C4 Grand Picasso Review

Well, it’s Motability car review time again- and please excuse me, but I have underestimated how tiring I find this whole process. This means my posts have been far more spread out than I anticipated, so I apologise if you were waiting for one.

Yesterday, I test drove the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso. This was one of two cars recommended to me by the instalation expert at my local Motability adaptations shop. Now, I wouldn’t usually look at a car this enormous partly because of the emmissions (and yep, this car is  not on my list of eco choices) and party because this car requires a hefty payment on top of the Higher Rate DLA (a cool £1300). However, Howard from my local Mobility shop recommends it, so therefore I try. He is, afterall, the expert in which car fits my needs and can easily be adapted for me.

Immediately, it’s clearly not as easy to get into as the Grand Modus. It’s just that bit taller which for a smaller person like me makes a difference. It helped when the salesperson actually moved the chair down for me. The sill is still higher than the Renault, but it is do-able. The driving seat is incredibly comfortable and adjustable although it has no seperate lumbar support. However, this is no obstacle, as many reviews will tell you this car is renowned for it’s comfort (and it blooming should be, for the price!)

The driving controls are all obvious and intuitive to use. It comes with the usual stereo and phone gadgetry that seems to be de rigeur for these type of cars. However, the most impressive part is this- the handbrake is totally automatic. This means that you don’t need to release it before setting off. To put it on when you park there’s a button on the dashboard. But if you just turn the ignition off, the automatic handbrake clicks into gear. To disengage, you simply drive away. It’s pretty cool. Additionally, it’s a lot easier for someone for whom the stretch and pull action of a manual handbrake could be difficult or painful.

Visibility is good, the pillars are a reasonable size. There’s a hugewrap-around windscreen, and sliding things to increase light coming in at the top for the front seats. It was possible to do a reverse park on the first attempt. But this car is enormous. Thank goodness I’ll be getting a blue badge, because it would be very difficult to find a big enough parking space!

The fuel consumption for this car is not good. I am currently trying to make sense of it on the basis that under the Motability scheme I wont have to pay for insurance and car tax- but it does make a difference to the annual running costs of the car.

The comfort of the vehicle is incredible though. I can state that this is easily the most comfortable car I have ever driven. And when good suspension matters as much as it does to me, that is important. There are six gears (the sixth for motorway cruising) and cruise control which gives you a chance to rest your feet when travelling. There’s a comfortable armrest for the driver on a long journey. And because there’s o handbrake, there’s the valley inbetween the fron t seats for your handbag. There’s plenty of storage dotted around in the cabin, too. And the boot is enormous, as you would expect. It comes with two extra seats which fold into the floor.

I just don’t know what to do, because this would be a really expensive vehicle to drive around town, and it would mainly be used to commute to work. However, this car is incredibly comfortable, which is my primary concern. The comfort even overrides the environmental thing. What do you think?

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