Childcare 2, time to start letting go.

Today I let Grandma take #clairesbaby away to her house for the day.

Grandma has been reluctant to do this before, she lives 30 miles away, and we have both been worried about how that would work if she had to return her due to being really unsettled.

I’m happy to report it went brilliantly.

On Wednesday this week, there is another milestone. My little one will be having her first day in childcare- as in; she is going to be looked after by a childminder.

This lady is recommended, and I have met her, but due to my mobility issues it just hasn’t been possible for me to go to her house to check it out and get a feel for the place. I’m working off her ability to help me feel at ease with the idea of her looking after the kids, and we’ve agreed to a aone day a week trial for a month.

It’s been tough being at home with the baby and with Big Girl after school each day, because kids need what they need whether or not their Mummy is in pain. But I know I will look back on this time as a golden time despite the pain, because my kids have kept me going and because they make me happy in so many moments of our time together.

It’s time for me to start to let go, with a view to going back to work in three months time. By then, she will have to be settled full time in childcare, so it’s important we know she’ll cope.

And that I will.

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