Four years waiting for suitable adaptations is not unusual

I’ve been in a wheelchair in a totally inaccessible house for a year now. I have found services to be inflexible and unresponsive to my needs- and I assumed I was able to successfully navigate them due to my experience as an OT.

Because you may not see disabled people performing their toilet, you may be unaware of the daily humiliations and unacceptable compromises we have to make.

This post, by Liz Carr, brings this home to you. I challenge you to read it- and then try to consider what this means for the many people with disabilities who surround you.

I’m sorry to say that even as a trained OT I was unprepared for the daily reality of self-caring with a mobility issue. I am currently exploring the many ways that I am able to slide off a shower seat. Strange to say I had never considered that adding a soapy behind to a shower seat would result in sliding straight off…

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