A weekend away

Dear Readers, we did it!

We finally made it out of the house for two whole nights!

I used to be quite the traveller. In only February 2010 I was able to visit a friend and bed down on his floor on a pile of sofa cushions! It seems strange to me, looking back, how I took such a thing for granted! Since my recent changes, it has been very difficult to go on a holiday that I was able to cope with.

At first, I was in denial. I continued to believe I would be able to go on the pre-arranged family holiday with my sisters and all the kids-  our “Tribe”. We spend a week together each summer, so that the kids develop strong relationships as cousins since they don’t live close to each other. It became clear last summer that I was unable to go on the holiday- so I had to send my Big Girl away without the rest of the family. It was a hard decision to make, but the only way to ensure she got to have a summer holiday.

I hoped to be well enough to make the 200 mile journey to visit my Mother after Christmas. Again, the time came and I was clearly unable to do it. Big Girl went alone.

Then Easter- planning ahead I booked a Centre Parcs holiday- an adapted cabin with fully accessible facilities. I thought this was foolproof. But I didn’t account for the difficulty I have in tolerating car travel. Every bump in the road is agony for me. So, unable to work out how to get to the holiday park without damaging myself, the holiday had to be cancelled.

Some good friends are getting married soon, and I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t be able to cope with the hotel. Its very local to us, just five miles away, so I hoped to be able to tolerate the travel there.

So we did it. I booked us two nights in the Wedding Venue- kind of a dry run, and also in recognition of the incredibly tough year we’ve had.

Reader, it was wonderful. The staff were fantastic, they really made us feel welcome and like we weren’t putting them out (inevitably, we were!)

First night: I ran the bath for Big Girl. My taps at home are adapted lever taps Taps in the hotel were regular twisty taps. I found I was able to turn on the taps with some effort. Surprisingly, my muscles for tap turning are wasted, along with those for walking and so on. So I had to phone down to reception for someone to come up to the room and turn them off before I flooded the place out! The man that came did his best to make it look like this was a normal request. Ahem….

Despite similar difficulties during the weekend, we had a fantastic time. we took High Tea, which included the finest selection of cakes- which made us feel like royalty!

We went swimming (or floating, in my case) and the kids charmed the whole place. I was able to take naps when I needed to rest, and I also had a massage which gave me some real, albeit temporary relief from pain.

The best part was to be able to spend some holiday time with my girls, who have been disappointed every time the holidays swung round and we had to cancel our plans- and we now have confidence to start planning the next trip!

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