Going out? maybe…or maybe not; in which I discuss problems booking out the wheelchair taxi service

Going anywhere is just getting harder and harder. I’ve been using a fantastic alternative travel service (it’s a social enterprise, so I’m praying it will continue through the Social Care mass extinction we are seeing at the  moment). The driver has been able to come to the door, manhandle the wheelchair into the street and brace it as I stagger across on my crutches and get into the chair for the short trip down the hill. Then, they have been leaving me next to the accessible transport vehicle, and going back up to the house to collect my youngest in her car seat. She is so good, most babies wouldn’t stand for it, but she happily goes along with this, gets strapped into the vehicle, then they get me in and strapped up, and away we go. On the way back, we reverse the process.

Well, not any longer. As if things weren’t difficult enough, they have changed management, and re-risk assessed all their clients. I was told that I now require two drivers for each trip. One to take care of me in the wheelchair, and one to carry the baby seat. Apparently, this now has to happen simultaneously. The difficulty is that clearly they don’t have a whole load of drivers sat around all day- they are already booked out on jobs. So it is now even harder to book out the transport that I need.

So this week I was due to go to see my Physiotherapist. I couldn’t go, because the transport company only had one driver available and I needed two.

Just another reason to get brought down by the mundane hassles and constant struggle my life has turned into.

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  1. Trish

     /  February 28, 2011

    They certainly dont make things easy for you, more obstacles x


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